all levels, middle distance to marathon


At Scissortail Running, the focus is not on making you a faster runner. It is on making you a better athlete, getting you to each start line healthy, and putting you in the best possible position to reach your fullest potential as a runner. Your training plan is tailored to you and designed with your goals, experience, and strengths in mind. Each training plan takes a holistic approach, with the belief that personal records are simply a side effect of proper training and a focus on recovery, sustainable training, and good habits.

Scissortail Running offers training plans for runners of all backgrounds, from high schoolers about to run their first cross country season to masters athletes pursuing an age group win to post-collegiate athletes looking to carry forward the momentum of their college career. Training plans are priced according to their length and depth, but with all plans you can expect the same one-on-one, personalized attention, regardless of price.


  • One-on-one consultation to discuss your goals

  • Regular communication with your coach to check up on training

  • Mileage and workouts tailored to your experience and preferences

  • A free basic gait analysis and shoe recommendation


  • Emphasis on base mileage and improving aerobic energy systems with gradually increased volume

  • Includes core and supplemental work, as well as guidance on recovery to handle the extra miles

  • Perfect for high school athletes who do not have a summer training program

FINE TUNING (4 weeks): $100

  • Short-term program to sharpen up and taper for a goal race

  • Focuses on short workouts with high turnover to "sharpen up"

  • Recovery coaching to help ensure the best possible performance on race day

RUNNING 101 (4 weeks): $100

  • Introductory program for new runners or those returning to the sport after several years off

  • Significant focus on building good habits, sustainable training, goal-setting, and proper footwear

  • Includes one-on-one consulting to answer any questions you have about running

5K to MARATHON (8-18 weeks): $175-$300

  • Targeted mileage, workouts, and training for your chosen race distance

  • A personalized day-by-day plan that will play to your strengths and help eliminate weaknesses

  • Pre-race and daily nutrition tips to ensure you are properly fueled

TRACK/XC SEASON (12-20 weeks): price varies

  • For high school, club, or post-collegiate athletes who are competing unattached, with a club, or on a team

  • Includes workouts and exercises specific to your race distance and experience level

  • Plans available for athletes from 800m up to 10K

Don't see a plan that fits your needs?

We can create a plan just for you!