maximize performance, minimize injury



At Scissortail Running, we strive to not only point out what you could do better, but identify your strengths and teach you how to get the most out of your gait. We're proud to do this through cutting-edge technology provided by RunDNA.


Developed and perfected through testing on thousands of athletes ranging from novice runners to Olympic athletes, the RunDNA Motion Analysis camera system builds a rendering of your skeleton and monitors over 50 different metrics that directly impact your gait. You'll leave your gait analysis with a report on your unique biomechanical fingerprint, as well as a list of exercises to help reduce your risk of injury and maximize your performance potential.

3D analysis - $150 (limited time offer! Usually $300)

  • 3D treadmill analysis using RunDNA's state-of-the-art Motion Analysis System
  • Computer analysis and 3D model of your gait
  • Exact measurements of joint angles and footstrike regions
  • Overview of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Immediate and minor causes of concern/potential injury risks
  • Shoe recommendation based on your gait and anatomy
  • Drills and exercises to correct imbalances and maximize performance
  • 45-60 minutes, with a report sent to your email before the end of the day

Running Readiness Assessment - $35 (usually $75!)

  • Movement screen that analyzes your ability to complete the essential motions of running
  • Provides valuable insight into potential problem areas
  • In conjunction with a 3D gait analysis, the RRA can help pinpoint injury and performance issues

2D treadmill analysis - $75 (usually $150!)

  • Treadmill analysis at regular training pace
  • Overview of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Immediate causes of concern/potential injury risks and drills/exercises to address them
  • Shoe recommendation
  • 15-20 minutes